Why I Love Quizzes

 I've made a lot of PDF downloads for lead magnets, starting with a first guitar buyer's guide I offered for one of the first blogs I started in 2009. Free PDFs were how most online marketers built their lists back then, and it seemed to work pretty well - until it didn't.

When I started to study digital marketing more intensely a few years later, I started to collect PDF lead magnets. The Google Drive folder where I keep them now lists over 600 document files stored there, and I can probably count the number I've read completely with my two hands.

I've also tried to offer mini-courses in exchange for email addresses, which worked for a while, but those ultimately slowed down as the PDFs did. Finding ways to attract new customers and clients grew more difficult as people became wise to the tactics and the lead magnets' quality declined.

I remember trying to find a way to use tools like surveys, and Google Forms to both gather information and deliver value, but it was never an easy or seamless process. I wanted to find something that would allow me to build my list, and deliver exceptional value that people could access and use immediately. That's when I found my first online quiz.

I've told the story several times, so I'll spare the details. Let's just say that when I took my first online quiz, it was like marketing heaven opening up and saying, "here...pay attention...this will change everything!"

All the boxes were being checked - interactivity, curiosity, self-discovery, value delivery, and the collection of more detailed information than had ever been possible with other lead magnets I'd used. Quizzes changed everything.

In this Coffee Break, I share only a little bit about my quiz experience. I just released a new one in conjunction with a Quiz Quick Start course I just launched. You can find my latest at the top of my blog, https://franklintaggart.com

If you've been curious about quizzes and you want a way to design and build one in a matter of hours, the new course is available at https://bit.ly/QuizQuickStart

And the software I mentioned is one I'm an affiliate for, which you can learn more about at https://bit.ly/FranklinInteract

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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