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Diversity in Podcasting

I was asked a great question in the Podcasting for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Fort Collins Startup Week the other day. It was pointed out that the three case studies I'd used in the presentation were all hosted by white males, and the question that followed was "are there any podcasts you can recommend that are hosted by women or people of color?" Right off the bat I went blank and could only think of a couple, but I remembered more as the day went on and since then. I thought I'd make a list of the ones I've enjoyed most frequently: Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel and Eric Siu - Daily marketing insights and strategies. These guys breathe this stuff. Art Biz Podcast with Alyson Stanfield - I've learned so much from reading Alyson's Art Biz Success blog, and her latest podcasts have been excellent. The recent one featuring my friend Jan R. Carson is a favorite. Changeable with Amy Johnson - Amy is a counselor and therapis

Franklin Presenting at Fort Collins Startup/Artup Week

Fort Collins Startup & Artup Week is February 25th-March 1st, 2019. I'm honored and thrilled to be a presenter this year. In all, I'll be offering three presentations: Tuesday, February 26th from 2-2:45PM at the Innosphere I'll be talking about using podcasts for marketing, sales and customer service. Wednesday, February 27th from 4-5PM at the Carnegie Creative Center I'll be presenting on the topic of 5 online income streams for creative businesses . Friday, March 1st from Noon-1PM I'll be speaking on booking yourself as a podcast guest . There are so many great presenters this year. I'd encourage you to register soon because these events fill up fast. You can register and sign up for specific classes at . Also check out the podcast and blog on the website! I had a great conversation with Nick Armstrong who is one of the planners of the event and one of my local heroes. You can hear my episode here .

New Podcast - Wisdom for Nonprofits with Betina Meyer-Pflug

After relocating from Brazil to Northern Colorado, Betina Meyer-Pflug decided to change her career direction. Taking her 20 years of business and marketing experience and training to be a coach, she is bringing together an exceptional set of business tools to help non-profit organizations work more efficiently, accomplishing a greater mission and getting the most out of their resources. Trained as a teacher of the popular management software SalesForce, Betina leads and advises non-profit professionals to build and lead stable, sustainable businesses. In the near future she will be offering a new podcast, Wisdom for Nonprofits that will feature proven leaders in the non-profit sector who will share their experiences, insights, and best practices. More information about Betina and the Wisdom for Nonprofits podcast is available at Join the Wisdom for Nonprofits LinkedIn Group here:

Reset Podcast - Food Business Success part 2 with Sari Kimbell

Sometimes a fresh start begins with a cease and desist order. Sari Kimbell is a business consultant who helps people brings their food product ideas to market. In this follow-up interview we learn about some of the scary things that can happen if we use another company’s trademark. We also hear about a brand new program that Sari is offering to help food product creators get the best possible start in business. The Food Business Success Startup Accelerator will be launching in a couple of weeks. If you want to start a food business, listen to the end for an amazing offer. If you don’t want to start a food business, you may want to after you hear what Sari is up to. For more information about the program, visit To watch the video series on ten mistakes that food businesses make, visit Follow Food Business Success on Instagram For more information about Franklin Taggart and The