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Becoming a Successful Freelancer - Craig Cannings

  ▼▼▼Watch and Listen Below!▼▼▼ Technology has empowered millions of people worldwide to offer freelance services from anywhere with an internet connection. The past two decades have seen freelance careers explode as companies and organizations have begun contracting with freelancers for everything from graphic design to social media marketing to HR. And changes in the job market related to the COVID pandemic have caused these numbers to expand even more explosively. If you are one this growing number of freelancers, you’ll want to listen to this episode. Craig Cannings is the co-founder of Freelance University with his wife, Kelly. -He’s has had the privilege of helping over 20,000 students in 75 countries realize their dreams of launching a portable, freelance business and lifestyle. He’s also enjoyed the great freedom of working from home and traveling abroad while raising 5 wonderful daughters. Craig’s experience working with freelancers goes back to 2003 when he was building a com

New Podcast! Fiddler, Educator, Entrepreneur Vi Wickam

This was a fun conversation that went all over the place.