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The Reset: Misfit Entrepreneurs and Radical Journaling with Ariana Friedlander

What if you could earn a living by being true to yourself? Ariana Friedlander started Rosabella Consulting with that very question in mind. Not long after she started, she realized that she didn’t really know how to run a business and she began an in-depth, on-the-job study of the subject of entrepreneurship that continues today. Ariana works with individuals and organizations as a consultant and trainer in areas like leadership, conversational intelligence, and personal growth and development. Also in this episode we’ll hear how Ariana uses journaling as a central part of her life and work, bringing the value and insight of personal reflection into her daily process of centering, clearing her mind, and engaging her creativity. She is the author of The Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business Your Way, and she will be releasing an extensive course on journaling in the near future. For more information, visit

Ordinary Extraordinary People Awards 2019

Franklin Taggart, 2019 Ordinary Extraordinary People Awards I am honored to be one of the six awardees for the Ordinary Extraordinary People Awards for 2019. Created by Ann Baron of Northern Colorado Community, these awards recognize people who contribute their time and energy to making our community a better place. It's an honor to be included among some amazing people. Thanks to Monique Renee for the nomination and for all who voted! L to R, Brad Hoopes, Franklin Taggart, Ann Baron, Mary Elizabeth Lenahan, Carrie Thompson, and Kristen Watts. 2019 Ordinary Extraordinary People Awardees.