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Podcast! From Management to Hobby farming with Melissa Davis

My guest for this episode is hobby farmer Melissa Davis. 8 years ago Melissa Davis left a management career to begin growing food for her family. After several years of preparing the soil on her family’s micro farm, Melissa now grows about half of the food her family consumes in a year.  She calls it hobby farming, but it sounds like more work than most hobbies. This is her story about her transition from corporate work to working in the soil, and her new interest in acquiring a small manufacturing business. For more information about Kiss the Ground visit   For the Savory Institute visit   This interview was recorded on Zoom.  Zoom video conferencing is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Try Zoom today:  

Podcast! A Fresh Start with Money with Penny Kidd

My guest for this episode is financial coach, Penny Kidd. After learning to manage her own money, Penny found a new direction helping people earn more, save more, and rapidly reduce their debt. She shares practical strategies and tools, all while giving her clients persistent nuges toward financial freedom. Sign up for a free discovery session with Penny at On Facebook: On YouTube: On Twitter: Try Zoom today:

Podcast! Fun Family Fitness with Stephanie Whall of ENJOYit Fitness

Stephanie Whall left behind a less than inspirational project management career to pursue a passion project of bringing fun fitness programs to families like hers. Staying fit together and having fun together turned into her business ENJOYit Fitness. Learn more at Try ZOOM video conferencing here: