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From Idea to Product - Quickly! - Regan Espinosa

▼▼▼Watch and Listen Below!▼▼▼ From Idea to Product – Quickly – Regan Espinosa In addition to being a home health care occupational therapist and mother of three, Regan Espinosa has written and self-published seven books ranging from a Walking Dead themed devotional book and books for children who stutter. After her father died last year, she added inventor to her list of accomplishments.  An experience of having mementos left at his gravesite being blown by the wind into the cornfields next to the cemetery germinated into the idea for a container that can be placed at the gravesite within which small tributes, cards, letters, and pictures can be stored over time without being exposed to the elements or disturbed by cemetery maintenance. In this episode, Regan tells the story of The Visit Box from concept to prototype to attending a trade show to taking her first round of orders – all in less than a year. Learn more about The Visit Box here: See Regan's

100 Ways

100 Ways is a brainstorming exercise that use for myself and with clients to help generate ideas beyond those that are obvious. I find brainstorming for a designated length of time distracting because I get concerned about time running out and I don't focus on generating ideas. 100 ways is simple. Set a specific goal at t eh top of the page, and then write down 100 ways to attain that goal, with no regard for how long it takes to get to 100. Want to find a way to make $5000? Write down 100 ways and you'll probably find more than one way you can attain that goal. Some of your ideas will surprise you. Here's a simple worksheet that you can use.