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From Podcast Movement 2023

When Podcast Movement announced that their annual conference was going to be held in Denver this year, I got excited. I've wanted to attend this conference ever since it started, but the timing and finances never seemed to line up. This year, thanks to the generosity of Buzzsprout and the close proximity of the venue, I was able to attend. Here are some of my highlights.  Podcasting is Still Growing And it appears to be growing even more rapidly with YouTube's new commitment to podcast support and promotion. It's not just YouTube. Spotify introduced video podcasts into its features last year, and new networks were represented at every level at the conference. The overall trend is that podcasting continues to expand in every direction. People Are Hungry for Podcast Curation As more podcasts are becoming available, people are looking for reliable sources of curation for the podcasts they listen to. Networks are one of the prominent sources people are turning to for this kind

Changing Directions - Franklin Taggart

This is the 100th and final episode of Your Own Best Company with Franklin Taggart. I started the podcast in May of 2021 during the height of the quarantine. Many people were faced with working alone for the first time, while others like me relished it. I wanted to encourage and celebrate working alone as an excellent option for people who don't enjoy working on teams or managing others.  I'd like to say thanks to all who listened. We reached over 31,000 viewers and listeners in the show's two years. I'm happy with that performance. I'm also grateful to every guest for bringing such amazing stories and resources to the listeners.  I will continue to offer Franklin Taggart's Virtual Coffee Break for the foreseeable future, and I may be considering some collaborative broadcast projects in the upcoming months, too. This has been a fun and rewarding show. I have several hundred clips to share, so it's not going away completely, but new episodes are no longer bei

Working With the Rhythm of Life - Laura Livingston

Is your tank empty? Do you need some time for solitude, recharge, and to reconsider how you've been living, loving, and working? Is willpower not enough to do everything that you've committed to doing? That's the jumping-off point for this visit with coach Laura Livingston on the Your Own Best Company podcast. This conversation follows up on our last, which was on the topic of listening to your body.  In this episode, we cover: ** Health and business sustainability. ** The difference between willpower and empowerment. ** Making space for emotional experience. ** and inspired action. Find Laura online at And on LinkedIn: Thank you for listening, subscribing, reviewing, and sharing Your Own Best Company, a podcast for people who love working alone! #burnout #worklifebalance #rhythmoflife