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Franklin on Reinventing Nerds with Joanie Connell, PhD - Can We Be Friends With AI?

Thanks to my dear friend, Joanie Connell, Ph.D., for the invitation to a conversation about the AI tidal wave, the challenges and opportunities it brings, and the book I made. While the title might suggest an adversarial relationship, I hold out hope that our capabilities are about to expand in positive ways we've never dreamed of.  Reinventing Nerds has been a favorite podcast of mine since its launch, and I encourage you to listen, subscribe, share, and review! #ai #podcast #kdp #author #newbook #chatgpt  The book is HERE  

Franklin on Reinventing Nerds with Joanie Connell!

I always enjoy my conversations with my good friend Dr. Joanie Connell. If you haven't heard the Reinventing nerds podcast, this is a good time to check it out. We had a fun chat about the pros and cons of working alone. Listen, subscribe, and if you like it, review!

Dr. Joanie Connell on Helicopter Parents and Reinventing Nerds

After graduating from Harvard, Dr. Joanie Connell landed in Silicon Valley as an engineer only to find that she wanted more in her work than what she’d been finding. Taking a leap in an entirely new direction, she received her PhD in Psychology from U.C. Berkeley and entered the business of consulting. She’s the author of Flying Without a Helicopter (Berrett-Koehler Publishers), and most recently she’s the host and producer of a new podcast, Reinventing Nerds.  For more information:   This show was recorded using Zoom video conferencing