Are We Looking For Each Other?

Are You Looking For Me?

I'm here to point you toward the treasure map
you've always had but may have forgotten.
If you've reached a point in your career, business, or life in which you feel deeply restless, stuck, or dissatisfied, I may be just the person you're looking for. People find me when they're ready for an infusion of creative vision, direction, and strategy - they know they need to change something, but they're not quite sure what that is or where to start. 

Here are some of my recent clients:
  • A therapist who wanted to start a coaching practice but didn't have any business experience.
  • A health care worker who wanted to start a meditation school.
  • An author who wanted new ideas for marketing her books on social media.
  • A doula who wanted to offer an online course.
  • A coach who wanted to expand her niche to a wider group of entrepreneurs.
  • A musician who wanted to upgrade his website, integrate his Patreon page, and run a KickStarter campaign to fund the production of his next CD.
  • A retired corporate executive who wanted to write and self-publish his first novel.
  • An organic health and beauty company owner who wanted to add a blog and newsletter to her marketing.
  • A business executive who had been laid off from the company where she'd worked for 25 years but didn't want to return to corporate life.
  • An older jazz musician who wanted to book more gigs but didn't like to use social media.
  • An artist who was terrified of selling her art.
  • A coach who had invested thousands of dollars on a website that wasn't attracting clients to her business.
  • An alternative health practitioner who wanted a business sounding board and ongoing accountability.
Since I started coaching in 2010, I've been delighted to serve over 600 people as a source of inspiration, information, and accountability as they unfolded the next chapters of their lives. My mission is to end work-related suffering and guide people as they discover the path to gift-driven, meaning-making, soul-satisfying lives.

Am I Looking For You?

If any of the scenarios above are familiar to you, that may be a strong first clue. Do you see yourself in any of these characteristics?
  • You're deeply intuitive.
  • You are creative.
  • You're ready to step into a more satisfied, delighted, and motivated version of yourself.
  • You don't blame other people or circumstances for your situation.
  • You are spiritually open and curious.
  • You still believe that better things are ahead.
  • You refuse to let your cynicism own you.
  • You are committed to lifelong learning and growth.
  • You understand that coaching without sustained action is a waste of your money and my time.
  • You are happy to invest what it takes to get the results you want.
There are a few people I've found aren't a good fit for my coaching:
  • They feel cheated by life.
  • They are waiting for others to fix things for them.
  • They want quick fixes where longer-term strategies and commitments are necessary.
  • They believe that other people and circumstances empower or disempower them.
  • They tend to habitually find reasons why they can't instead of taking the actions they can.
  • Their first reaction is frequently critical, judgmental, or cynical.
While many find coaching to be a journey that includes healing as a benefit, it isn't a substitute for therapy when that's what is called for. If we meet and I don't see a way that I can serve you personally, I have a deep and wide network of resources and may be able to suggest a better one for you.

How Will We Find Out If This is Good for Both of Us?

I offer a free one-hour coaching session called Your Best Next Step. It's a no-strings-attached, no sales pitch coaching session in which we can get to know each other, you can fill me in on what's happening for you, I can share what I'm inspired to give, and we can then decide whether working together is in our cards. If it's meant to be, we'll find a way to make it happen. Schedule your Best Next Step Session here:

Here's an Extremely Condensed Version of My Story.

I had a frequently disrupted music career from 1979-2022. I've had a lot of day jobs ranging from church music sales to social services to corporate consulting to church youth and music ministry. I've started 21 businesses since 1986, most of which ended as failed experiments. The ones that matter still remain. I used to hate marketing until I had the realization that good marketing is all about forming strong relationships, and that's something I love. 

An unexpected long-term illness from 2006-2010 introduced me to two things I enjoyed as much as music - e-commerce and coaching. I've experimented with everything from logo design to print-on-demand shops to self-publishing. I love learning how to make and sell things, and a big part of my coaching has centered on teaching others how to do the same. 

Coaching has been the biggest surprise on my career path. I never would have considered it for myself, but people kept asking me for help. One time, a woman I helped with her career decisions offered to pay me. I thought that was pretty cool. Not long after that I had some realizations about the distinction between gifts and talents, and that coaching was a natural conduit for my spiritual gifts of encouragement, vision, and wisdom. 

If you have time and want to know more, here is a video with the longer story: Franklin's Long, Strange Trip.

I'm Grateful for the Kind Words These People Have Shared

Cat Stancik on working with Franklin

“Franklin Taggart has pragmatically changed my professional identity more than anyone else—and in a fraction of the time. His genius is his attention and perception, his art of listening underneath my desires and frustrations to discern my unique service, aligned with my core human values. This clarity of professional self—inextricable, really, from personal self—has streamlined my marketing efforts, from website presentation to social media presence to product offerings. Franklin is truly a champion of others’ grandest expressions in the world.”

Marj Hahne, Poet, Writer, Editor, Teacher


"Thank you so much for helping me improve my business! I love that you are so calm and centered about your business advice. Running a business is one of the most rewarding parts of my day, but there are still challenges, and your can-do, on-point wisdom has helped me more than you know over the years ❤️ I am blessed to know you, Franklin." 

Nicole Murphy, Founder and Owner, Grace Yoga and Wellness


With Ann Baron
Northern Colorado Community
2019 Ordinary Extraordinary
People Awards 

My happy place.
Behind a microphone.

“As a coach and advisor, Franklin Taggart is as wise as he is supportive. He has a unique ability to see the various sides to any business or career option and to help you discern from discussion which of those directions might be best to pursue. He never dictates your course of action, rather he listens carefully to what motivates you and digs deep to uncover your personal strengths and then offers suggestions for how you might meet your goals based on what he hears. It’s all quite encouraging and empowering. As a solopreneur, most decisions and strategies fall squarely on my shoulders, as does most of the work. It’s been a huge benefit to work with someone who can help steer me in the right direction by offering astute observations and creative solutions to keep me focused on doing my best and most efficient work.”

Teresa Funke, Author and Publisher of Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life

Franklin Taggart is a career, business, and life coach in Loveland, Colorado. He works with creative people to find and follow their creative callings, he helps people start and finish their passion projects, and he is a wizard of marketing.
Franklin Taggart
"Franklin’s advice about how to make rack cards and business cards more effective was spot on! In addition to the QR code, directing people to our class calendar, we published the rack cards with one of our favorite recipes on the back. People love having the recipe and are more likely to save the card and to be reminded of The Cooking Studio’s classes.

Watching people come up to our business and checking our class calendar with the QR code is so great! Before this, we had to direct them to type in the website address on their phone and then find the class calendar link. Scanning the code and getting directly to the classes makes people smile every time!"

Trish ONeill, Founder & Owner,
The Cooking Studio Fort Collins

Using My Voice

The question I get asked most frequently is if I ever thought about being a radio DJ, particularly a smooth jazz, late-night DJ. Radio has been a small part of my history, and I have had a long-term love for radio going all the way back to the Sony pocket transistor radio I got for my eighth birthday, complete with a little white earphone. One of the reasons I chose podcasting as a primary content channel is that I love communication through speaking more than any other medium.

The other voice-related questions I often hear and the answer to each:

  • Do I do voiceovers? - Yes! I've recorded intros, outros, blurbs, meditations, telephone hold messages, voicemail answers, and audiobooks. I don't advertise these services, but I still offer them. Use the contact form!
  • Do I emcee events? - Yes! I'm available to emcee events within a 100-mile radius of Loveland, Colorado, for a reasonable fee plus expenses. Casual and formal occasions.
  • Do I offer keynotes, TED-style talks, and IRL and virtual classes? - Yes! I've been a speaker and presenter for many events, including summits, conferences, training, workshops, networking events, and more. Use the contact form to inquire about topics, fees, and availability.
My favorite invitations are those from coaches, consultants, and business and community leaders who want to offer their groups an opportunity for on-the-spot career, business, and marketing quick coaching in a group setting, either IRL or online. These Ask-Me-Anything sessions are by far the most powerful way to draw out my creativity, and they're high-energy, playful, and meaningful all in one. Again, use the contact form!

Some of the classes I've offered:
  • Mastering First Impressions
  • Persuasive Short Messages
  • Intro to Content Marketing
  • Podcasting for Beginners
  • Blogging for Your Business
  • Creating Your First Online Course
  • Community, the Source of All Opportunity
  • Diverse Revenue Streams for Creatives
  • Discovering Your Unique Marketing Fingerprint
I'm excited to share what I know with your audience or organization!

What's the Story With the Glasses?

After checking my eyes in 2019, I discovered and their $6.95 eyeglass frame selection. I bought a pair in every color I could, seventeen in all, and all prescription progressive lenses. I haven't paid more than $40.00 a pair.

When the quarantine arrived in 2020, we all started living on Zoom. I found my glasses were a talking point. I'd wear a different color for every call, and people started remarking on all the colors. It's become an unintentional part of my brand after I've spent hours figuring out logos, colors, etc. Go figure!