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Holiday Thoughts

I made a TikTok video a while back about this, but I thought I'd add to it here. I had a client recently ask me what I believe as far as spirituality and religion are concerned. The best I can say is I really don't know. In my life, I've been a Mormon, Christian, skeptic, seeker, dabbler, and devotee. I've learned meditation, reflection, scripture, and yoga. I've read hundreds of teachings and listened to hours of lectures and silence. I've had a handful of breathtaking awe-inspiring experiences. And even with all this, I can't articulate what I believe into a cohesive set of words. Iris Dement probably captured it best in her song Let the Mystery Be. "But no one knows for certain, and so it's all the same to me. I think I'll just let the mystery be." I also honor that aspect of us that needs to know why - that seeks to make this life mean something. Science can't deliver answers to this, so we turn to spirituality and religion. And eve

Celebrate Being Fully Human with Jeannie Zandi

In this final episode of The Reset for 2019 we’re treated to a conversation with Jeannie Zandi. Jeannie is a teacher, author, and speaker who leads people to fully embrace their humanness with all of its twists, turns, triumphs and tragedies. She teaches internationally in both live and online settings, and she offers courses through her online school. In this conversation we talk about spirituality, gender, the subtle art of living as a techy-feelie, and a large menu of upcoming events that Jeannie will be hosting. Thanks for listening this year, and I’ll look forward to bringing more your way in 2020! Jeannie Zandi Online Website: Online School Facebook Page: Friends of Jeannie Zandi Private Facebook Group: