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Reset Podcast - 7 Figure E-Commerce Pros, Benjamin and Charity DeVries

Three years ago, a desire for time and location freedom propelled Benjamin and Charity DeVries in the direction of e-commerce. Inspired by friends, they started learning how to build a business selling products through In this short time they’ve created a business that is on track to generate $2 million in revenue this year, and they’re preparing for their second summer of touring the country with their family in a new RV. In this episode of The Reset Podcast, they share the stories of how they got started, finding some helpful guidance early on, and some of the challenges related to the rapid growth of their business. To download the Free Brand Builder Blueprint that they offer in the interview go to: Aroma Outfitters gear can be found here: To learn more about their original business, visit And, their latest passion project: Their new c