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The Reset Podcast - Small Business Think Tank with Curt Bear

When Curt Bear left a 15 year banking career to start his own food business he created a peer advisory group to help him make the the transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial. After 2 years in the food business he realized that his peer advisory think tank for small businesses had become both more of a passionate interest and a more viable business. LoCo Think Tank has grown to include five chapters in Northern Colorado and is continuing to expand into new communities as well as extending its services into larger companies. For more information about LoCo Think Tank: On LinkedIn: Larimer SBDC: For more information about Franklin Taggart and The Reset Podcast:

The Reset Podcast - Grief and Grace with Jane Nicolet

(Video and audio below article) In the years following her son Matt’s death, Jane Nicolet eventually found healing and solace through writing. Her letters, later collected into a book called Letters for Grace: One Mother’s Journey, helped her through the arduous stages of loss and grief then culminated in a reconnection with her son’s spirit and memory. In her second book, Finding Grace: Journeys of Grief, Courage, and Healing, she moves beyond her own story to help other bereaved parents tell theirs, providing experienced reflections along the way. There will be an author talk and book signing for her second book at the Fort Collins Barnes and Noble, 4045 S. College in Fort Collins on Saturday, April 6th at 11AM. Learn more: On Facebook: For more information about The Reset Podcast visit