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Soulful Entrepreneurship - Alison Proffit

Video and Audio below ↓↓↓ Marketing and selling can both be intimidating activities to new business owners, but they are the lifeblood of your business. Alison Proffit is a Soulful Sales & Profitability Success Coach, helping small businesses approach their sales and pricing strategies from the heart instead of just the head. She’ll work with you on mindset, clarifying offers, up-leveling prices, and how to confidently sell through the art of connection with the support of customized scripting work and role-playing sales conversations. Selling becomes less stressful and abundantly more fun when working with Proffit Coach! Alison attempted to start her own coaching business 4 times. The key word there was "attempted". Each of these attempts failed. Primarily because of a lack of knowledge of what it meant to be a good salesperson. Having worked in the HR field for 15 years and receiving coaching certification, the business ideas were good ones, and the services that she of

The Wisdom of Transition - Cheryl Benedict

As we go through changes large and small in life, sometimes we’re surprised at our emotional swings, elevated anxiety, clouded thinking, and higher stress. In this episode, leadership consultant and executive coach Cheryl Benedict shares insights from her many years of guiding individuals and organizations through all kinds of transitions. She is the author of the award-winning book, The Wisdom of Transition, and the founder of MORF Consulting.  Learn more about Cheryl and her book at   Your Own Best Company podcast and community is hosted by Franklin Taggart. If you are a one-person creative business owner or are thinking of becoming one, you are invited to join our Facebook group at   Thanks for listening, subscribing, and reviewing!