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Inbox Encouragement

Update: I've found since this was first posted that there are a couple of other prominent publications called An Encouraging Word. The new name for this weekly message is Inbox Encouragement.  I’ve been moved lately to do whatever I can to put some more light into the world, and I’ve decided that’s what I’d like to do with all my methods of communication including writing, music, podcasts, and teaching. I’ve decided to refocus the primary intent of my email list to share messages of encouragement and gratitude. I’ve become overwhelmed with the amount of negativity and discord among my large circle of friends, and I just don’t want to feed that beast any more than it already eats. I will be writing Inbox Encouragement every Wednesday, and I’d be honored if you’d be willing to receive it. I believe very deeply that there is abundant hope for humanity, in spite of all that we see happening. We humans have the capacity to experience an infinite expansion of our consciousness, and