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The Godfather of Online Marketing Video - Lou Bortone

  Lou Bortone on ▼▼▼ Watch and Listen Below! ▼▼▼ If you want to increase online visibility for your business, the universal advice is that you need to post videos. Everywhere, all the time, videos. Algorithms love videos, Kids love videos. Grandmas love videos. Videos, videos, videos! I was a slow starter when it came to posting videos for my music and my businesses. I've had a YouTube channel for a long time and it sat for years while I worked up the nerve and figured out how to use my camera. A few years ago, I heard about a class called 31 Flavors of video. In that class, I learned about 31 different kinds of online video I could make, I joined a Facebook group where I got daily feedback. And I gained some amazing tools and resources that helped me make good decisions about equipment, production, scripting, and more. In this episode, I'll introduce you to Lou Bortone, the creator of the 31 Flavors of Video, as well as programs like Fast Forward video mastermind, and the new

Franklin on the LoCo Experience Podcast with Curt Bear!

  Some of you long-time friends will remember Curt Bear's visit with me on The Reset Podcast several years ago. Curt is a colleague at Larimer SBDC and is the Founder of an amazing business resource called the LoCo Think Tank. He's also become a prolific podcaster, featuring some of Northern Colorado's movers, shakers, and community linchpins. It's an honor to be included in the lineup for The LoCo Experience show. One of the things I like about Curt's podcast is that it's a long format. He doesn't put a time limit on the conversation and he likes to get stories that no other podcasts capture. This is one of the most in-depth interviews I've ever had and I enjoyed the conversation that Curt teased out with his discussion style. You can listen to the interview below, and find out more about Curt, LoCo Think Tank, and the podcast here:

Putting Small Towns on the Map - Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

Freelance writer Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer started her Heiditown blog over 15 years ago to share her experiences, interests, and point of view. It grew from a personal blog into a valued resource for tourists in Colorado looking for a more personal experience than all those on the beaten path. Heidi expanded her services in the direction of destination marketing and festival promotion, building her reputation as she and her husband and various pets traveled from small town to small town, one road trip at a time. The Heditown brand continues to expand as Heidi now offers consulting services to small towns leaders, helping them to find and articulate their uniqueness and finding aspects that deserve celebration and build local pride and optimism. Find Heidi at . Also mentioned in this episode: Tacos and Pho - And Ryan Schlaefer Fine Furniture - Thanks for listening, subscribing, reviewing, and sharing Your Own Be

Coming Up! Persuasive Marketing Messages Live Class in Fort Collins!

  Unless you took classes in advertising or rhetoric or were a high school debate team member, chances are you didn't have any formal education in persuasive communication. But as a business owner, most of the communication you do is persuasive in nature. Marketing, sales, recruiting, motivating, and encouraging are part and parcel of your daily interaction. Some of us think that persuasive communication is coercive or manipulative, and in some cases, it is. Still, we all have learned ways of influencing others that are honest, transparent, and helpful.  In this live, in-person class, we'll learn how to increase our marketing messages' persuasiveness. We'll cover important topics like: Creating sensory experiences with words. Building your power-verb vocabulary. Appealing to reason, emotion, and desire. Suggestion and imagination. Simple message frameworks. The class will be happening Wednesday, April 12, 2023, from 1-4 PM  at Larimer SBDC. The cost is $25, which is a s

Becoming a Game Changer - Brooke Monaghan

  ▼▼▼ Watch and Listen Below! ▼▼▼ I love what Brooke Monaghan has to say about entrepreneurship: "...this is what I always have to break down for people. Listen to anyone who has anything to say about entrepreneurship, and what they're going to tell you is, if you can figure out a way that people in your community are not being served, innovate some solution for them. That is the foundation for creating a business. So when I talk to people who are part of a community, and really care about some weird little niche thing, and they see all of the problems - here are all the ways that we are not being served - here are all the ways that we are being overlooked. Here are all the ways that we're being left behind. And they have some idea about how they can make that better. That is literally the thing that everyone like me who really wanted to be in business needed, but didn't feel like they had a thing. That's the thing that we have all been searching for. Please, pleas