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I love what Brooke Monaghan has to say about entrepreneurship:

"...this is what I always have to break down for people. Listen to anyone who has anything to say about entrepreneurship, and what they're going to tell you is, if you can figure out a way that people in your community are not being served, innovate some solution for them. That is the foundation for creating a business. So when I talk to people who are part of a community, and really care about some weird little niche thing, and they see all of the problems - here are all the ways that we are not being served - here are all the ways that we are being overlooked. Here are all the ways that we're being left behind. And they have some idea about how they can make that better. That is literally the thing that everyone like me who really wanted to be in business needed, but didn't feel like they had a thing. That's the thing that we have all been searching for. Please, please do something with it. Because that's it, that's the foundation for a sustainable business, you create a better way."

Brooke is an inspired coach who leads people through the process of being rule followers to becoming game changers - people who challenge the status quo and make entirely new realities possible.

Here are some of the things we talk about:

** Owning what you do.

** Commitment vs. hustle.

** The appeal of being seen as you are.

** Being OK with the struggle.

Brooke's podcast, Transcend Your Dichotomy, is an abundant resource of information and inspiration for anyone who is ready to turn a great idea into a great reality. She wanted to make something that showed people what it was like to be in the experience of creating a business instead of reporting about a business after it had become successful. And she found that much of her conversation was on the topic of mindset.

Find Brooke and all her resources at

She's on Instagram:

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She also just announced that she's starting a YouTube channel called The Aligned Business Portal. This will be an amazing source of information for people who are looking for ways to promote their offers in a way that's aligned with who they are. Scheduled for launch in early April, you'll be able to find the channel at : 

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