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Quiet Marketing with Danielle Gardner

▼Watch and Listen Below!▼ Back in February, I made a book recommendation video for a book I had just read called Quiet Marketing: A Calm, Minimal Approach to Business and Online Visibility for Highly Sensitive Solopreneurs (Amazon Associate link: ) This short book is packed with essential insights, principles, and practices for highly sensitive and intuitive people who have found their way into business ownership. I'm delighted today to introduce you to the author of Quiet Marketing, Danielle Gardner. In addition to being an author, Danielle is a business mentor and tiny course creator. Her work with clients is centered around taking a calm, minimal approach to business and online visibility that is especially suited to Highly Sensitive solopreneurs.   In today's conversation, we hear about: Dani's career evolution from leaving the perks and paychecks of the corporate world to pursuing work more aligned with her gifts. Creating your own definition of

StorySelling - Adil Amarsi

▼▼▼Watch and Listen Below▼▼▼ Since 2008, Adil Amarsi has helped clients generate over $821 Million in sales directly from his copywriting. Add to that the amount his consulting clients, copywriting mentees, and students have generated and the total is $1.2 Billion. He’s written advertising copy for top marketing agencies in the UK and US, high-performing ads for Tony Robbins, and campaigns that have added millions to his clients’ bottom lines.  He has also developed a copywriting structure called the StorySelling Matrix that incorporates strong brand identity with a message balanced between emotion and logic, finishing with a Call-To-Action that builds anticipation. To learn more about the StorySelling Matrix, access your download here:   Now as a mentor to other copywriters and business owners, Adil teamed up with Shiv Shetti  to form the CMMP: The Copywriting Mastery Mentoring Program. Their purpose with this program is to help mentees generate the

Don't Write the Wrong Book! - Diana Needham

  To access the worksheet Diana will be using for this podshop click In 2008, Diana Needham left the corporate world to focus on her own dream business: helping first-time self-published authors become Amazon bestselling authorities in their field. She’s guided hundreds of clients to their personal victories while doing what she loves most: helping people grow, prosper and make a greater impact.   Along the way, Diana became a certified business coach and earned multiple other coaching certifications. For six years, she served as an Action Coach for Pamela Bruner’s Impact X program to help entrepreneurs rocket their online business. And she’s self-published her own two bestsellers: The Authority Mindset and 17 Legal Ways to Double Your Income.   MOST IMPORTANTLY, Diana has helped nearly 80 authors attain Amazon bestseller status and hundreds more achieve top rankings. AND leverage their book beyond launch to profitably grow their business, reach

The Reset: Misfit Entrepreneurs and Radical Journaling with Ariana Friedlander

What if you could earn a living by being true to yourself? Ariana Friedlander started Rosabella Consulting with that very question in mind. Not long after she started, she realized that she didn’t really know how to run a business and she began an in-depth, on-the-job study of the subject of entrepreneurship that continues today. Ariana works with individuals and organizations as a consultant and trainer in areas like leadership, conversational intelligence, and personal growth and development. Also in this episode we’ll hear how Ariana uses journaling as a central part of her life and work, bringing the value and insight of personal reflection into her daily process of centering, clearing her mind, and engaging her creativity. She is the author of The Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business Your Way, and she will be releasing an extensive course on journaling in the near future. For more information, visit