StorySelling - Adil Amarsi

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Since 2008, Adil Amarsi has helped clients generate over $821 Million in sales directly from his copywriting. Add to that the amount his consulting clients, copywriting mentees, and students have generated and the total is $1.2 Billion. He’s written advertising copy for top marketing agencies in the UK and US, high-performing ads for Tony Robbins, and campaigns that have added millions to his clients’ bottom lines. 

He has also developed a copywriting structure called the StorySelling Matrix that incorporates strong brand identity with a message balanced between emotion and logic, finishing with a Call-To-Action that builds anticipation. To learn more about the StorySelling Matrix, access your download here: 

Now as a mentor to other copywriters and business owners, Adil teamed up with Shiv Shetti  to form the CMMP: The Copywriting Mastery Mentoring Program. Their purpose with this program is to help mentees generate the largest possible ROI from their advertising.

Where to find Adil online:

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