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Recommended Podcasts: Business Reimagined and StoryBrand

There is such a wealth of information floating out here in internetland. I've run across another couple of podcasts that are doing it right. The first, Business Reimagined from Danny Iny and the awesome team at Mirasee(formerly Firepole Marketing) is creating a standard for podcasting that is inspiring and excellent in every way. I downloaded all of the available episodes and have been listening to them in the car every time I go somewhere. Great guests, including people like Randy Gage , Nancy Duarte , and my latest new favorite author, Taylor Pearson(The End of Jobs) share insights and tips in a bounteous stream. Several episodes have been played on repeat, most notably the interview that Danny did with Donald Miller of StoryBrand. Some of my friends familiar with the Christian publishing world will likely recognize the name of this author of books like Blue Like Jazz, and last year's Scary Close. Donald has created an exceptional framework for shaping your message in a va