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Railroads, Trains and Memories

Bodhi riding the rails in the dome car. Pulling out of Cheyenne. Passing the Terry Bison Ranch on the Wyoming/Colorado border Today, Bodhi and I got to have a wonderful adventure. Our friend, Mary Guthrie invited us to be her guests on a train ride from Cheyenne down to Denver on a historic Union Pacific train that was pulled by the last steam engine made for the Union Pacific, Engine 844. I took a few pics and wanted to just say that besides the joy of watching Bodhi experience his first train ride, that the ride for me was as much down memory lane as it was a present time experience. Our friend and host, Mary Guthrie(left). In the distance you can see Engine number 844, the last steam locomotive built for the Union Pacific. My first passenger train ride was when I was a little bit younger than Bodhi, probably about 5 years old. My Granny and Gramps took me from Evanston, Wyoming to Ogden, Utah and back on a day trip. I don't remember that there was any occasi