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Next AUDIENCE! Workshop Starts Online August 1!

I've always been pretty reluctant and timid about the business side of my work. It wasn't a problem of not knowing what to do, I had the skills, but when it came time to let people know what I was doing, I wouldn't do it. Or I would do a half assed job of it. Over time I developed a useful framework that helped me get past this tendency. People started to show up for my events, and I started to expand my community much more easily. As I started coaching creatives I found that they all were faced with a similar tendency. That's when the AUDIENCE! Workshop was born.

This is different from the business seminars that you may have already attended. I have attended so many of them over the years, and while they were good for conventional businesses, I found a disconnect with the creative work that I do. If you're like me, you put a lot of heart in your creating, and you want it to really mean something to people. It's a much more intimate and personal exchange. So i…

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AUDIENCE! Workshop Starts Next Tuesday!

Join Me for a Virtual Coffee Break. Mondays at 10AM Mountain Time!