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How to Create Your First Online Course - Jason Van Orden

  ▼▼▼Watch and Listen Below!▼▼▼ The online education industry has been in an explosive growth cycle for the past two decades and it doesn’t appear to be slowing. Online courses offer small business owners a way to scale and grow their revenue without having to add more time-based services or personnel. Today’s guest, Jason Van Orden helps authors, academics, and speakers turn their expertise into new streams of scalable income such as online courses. He draws from more than seventeen years of experience, including creating multiple successful brands, launching over 60 online courses, teaching more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, earning seven figures in online course sales, and generating 8 million downloads of his podcasts. His mission is to help visionaries with impactful ideas to connect with the people they serve best and the problems they can most uniquely solve. Since 2005, Jason has helped thought leaders to reach a larger audience with their ideas, create new income streams from

Five Steps to Consistent Content – Cynthia Trevino

  ▼▼▼Watch and Listen Below!▼▼▼ The need for business owners to consistently create marketing and sales content that stands out in an increasingly noisy marketplace reaching the right people with the right message at the right time. Cynthia Trevino teaches life coaches, creatives, and consultants how to get their amazing knowledge out of their heads and onto paper, so they can show up online and share...consistently!  She is a writer who’s been blogging since she had to explain what a blog was,  she’s published a book, and is a master * content re-purposer * She’s 100% a late bloomer, waiting to become an entrepreneur till she was over 50 and after a massive corporate downsizing. She says, “ I'm a master at's one of few valuable lessons I learned "in corporate.“  Cynthia serves solopreneurs who want to show up online, having their messages and content ready to share so they can start relationships with their audiences of future clients, customers, and st

The Journey of Making a Music Album - Jillian Lee Antinora

  ▼▼▼Watch and Listen Below!▼▼▼ While raising six children and running several businesses, Jillian Lee Antinora started to explore what she wanted for herself. Something of her own that wasn’t tied to family or business. With some time to reflect she began envisioning herself playing music on stage with a guitar. The only thing was, she didn’t play guitar. She signed up for lessons and that was the beginning of realizing her musical vision. In this interview, she tells us how she took each step in the succession from seeing herself onstage to learning guitar,  writing her own songs,  finding sources of encouragement and direction, and ultimately recording her first album, Make My Day. She also reveals how her positive mindset comes into play as she makes her commitment to make her vision a reality. More information about Jillian can be found at Thanks for listening, subscribing, and reviewing!

Becoming a Successful Freelancer - Craig Cannings

  ▼▼▼Watch and Listen Below!▼▼▼ Technology has empowered millions of people worldwide to offer freelance services from anywhere with an internet connection. The past two decades have seen freelance careers explode as companies and organizations have begun contracting with freelancers for everything from graphic design to social media marketing to HR. And changes in the job market related to the COVID pandemic have caused these numbers to expand even more explosively. If you are one this growing number of freelancers, you’ll want to listen to this episode. Craig Cannings is the co-founder of Freelance University with his wife, Kelly. -He’s has had the privilege of helping over 20,000 students in 75 countries realize their dreams of launching a portable, freelance business and lifestyle. He’s also enjoyed the great freedom of working from home and traveling abroad while raising 5 wonderful daughters. Craig’s experience working with freelancers goes back to 2003 when he was building a com

Knowing and Using Your Strengths – Karen Diffey

▼▼▼Watch and Listen Below▼▼▼ Karen Diffey helps ambitious, committed introverts tap into their natural strengths to become inspiring, authentic, and confident leaders. She’s on a mission to help introverted women leaders be the best version of themselves - competent, fulfilled, and happy in work and life. She says “I know how overwhelming it can be not believing what you’re really good at. Revisiting challenging situations and constantly wondering how you could have handled things differently. As confusing as it may seem, there is a path from where you are now to stepping up to achieve your next level goals and I can show you the way.” Her clients describe her as intuitive, insightful, calm, and a guiding light to clarity. She challenges performance risks in a productive and positive way, building resilience and confidence. About herself, she says, “Personally, back in 2014 I was a Finance & Business Director. Outwardly, I was confident and put on a good show. Inwardly, I struggl