Knowing and Using Your Strengths – Karen Diffey

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Karen Diffey helps ambitious, committed introverts tap into their natural strengths to become inspiring, authentic, and confident leaders. She’s on a mission to help introverted women leaders be the best version of themselves - competent, fulfilled, and happy in work and life. She says “I know how overwhelming it can be not believing what you’re really good at. Revisiting challenging situations and constantly wondering how you could have handled things differently. As confusing as it may seem, there is a path from where you are now to stepping up to achieve your next level goals and I can show you the way.” Her clients describe her as intuitive, insightful, calm, and a guiding light to clarity. She challenges performance risks in a productive and positive way, building resilience and confidence.

About herself, she says, “Personally, back in 2014 I was a Finance & Business Director. Outwardly, I was confident and put on a good show. Inwardly, I struggled with self-worth and felt a total fraud. I constantly second-guessed my decisions and wondered whether the actions I took were enough. I’d overthink and spend way too much time getting things perfect. I was unhappy and knew I wanted to create a new career for myself. So, in 2015/16, I made a deliberate and purposeful shift from being a Finance Director to become a fully qualified Accredited Coach Practitioner. I leveraged my professional background and began my practice as a Leadership Coach, bringing to front of mind the untruths stopping introverted women leaders from moving forward so that they can unleash their potential.”

She and her husband then relocated to North Wales in the UK where they bought a small farm and set about keeping rare breed livestock. Neither one is from a farming background and so they’ve learned everything about animal husbandry from scratch. She says, “We're pretty self-sufficient growing our own vegetables too. I love being outdoors, especially long walks in the hills surrounding my home with my dog.”

From her own zone of genius, Karen offers the Quiet Warrior Program that enables introverted women leaders to develop the tools and techniques they need to gain power from their strengths, controlling and enhancing their capabilities to best effect. This is not overdriving but providing them with self-belief and structure to reach a balanced strengths-based portfolio that will change the way they operate. 

In this episode Karen offers an activity: 5 Steps to Be More You: Knowing and Using Your Strengths 

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