Hello and welcome to FranklinTaggart.com!

People seek my services in situations like this:

You're ready to discover and activate your creative calling. 

While this may be an artistic expression like writing, music, painting, sculpture, etc. most people are creative in other ways. Your creative calling is the alignment of three things - your gift, your deeply held values, and the people in your community who are looking for the benefit of your gift. Helping people discover their creative calling is my top specialty.

You have an idea for a creative project but don't know how to bring it to life.

I've helped people start, finish, and launch a variety of creative projects - books, art shows, online courses, coaching programs, YouTube Channels, podcasts, music albums, songbooks, video series - the comprehensive list is pretty long. If you have an idea you're ready to get out of your imagination and into the world, let me bring my strategic thinking and practical creativity in to help you get it done.

You are a solo business owner or freelancer who wants help with marketing.

The aspect of business that I love most is marketing. That hadn't always been the case until I realized that marketing was all about building good relationships and helping people get what they want and need. I help people find low-cost and no-cost marketing solutions that work.

If one of these situations is yours, let's have a conversation. Use the contact form to request a link for scheduling.