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The structure of your success is the relationships you build with clients, customers, and your audience. The biggest mistake most new business owners make is not preparing for their business's relational aspects, including branding, marketing, and selling.

Relationship building has been the key to every success in my music career and my entrepreneurial ventures. The failure to build good relationships with clients, customers, and my audience was devastating.

I've also had some personality and preference-based challenges to face as well. My sensitivity to sensory stimulation, my high level of empathy, and my somewhat reserved demeanor have all made the relationship parts of my business tricky to navigate.

As a coach, I help solopreneurs, freelancers, and artistic professionals find creative and strategic ways to make strong connections with their customers and fans as soon as they become aware of each other. I've created tools, services, and ultra-small group programs to show people how they can find, intrigue, invite, and impact the people who need what they offer.

Update: The DIY Marketing Mastermind mentioned in the video is full and won't open for enrollment again until January 2023. If you're interested in joining the program then, please send me a contact form letting me know of your interest and contact information. Thanks!

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