Your Own Best Company

When I was a kid, I was pretty quiet and kept to myself. My favorite place on earth was a closet in one of the bedrooms of the family living quarters of Great Aunt's hotel in Evanston, Wyoming. This closet was my spot because it stored all of the books my Grandmother had collected in her years as a teacher, and it had a door and a light. If people needed to find me, this was the first place they knew to look. I could spend hours there.

As an adult, I've favored the same kind of setting to spend the majority of my time. I love a room with a door and all my books and creative tools. Kindle has made my book collection much more compact, but it is constantly nearby, and my room with a door is where I am most free to let my imagination have its way.

My dad used to tell me that I'm my own best company. As I've started coaching more and more people who prefer and enjoy working by themselves, this seemed like a good name for our community. Your Own Best Company is starting out as a podcast and a Facebook Group that is specifically for us. We love working alone. That's the one thing we have in common. Everything else just makes the community interesting.

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