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Creative Industry Happy Hour Tuesday, Sept. 17th

I'd like to invite all creative professionals in Northern Colorado to what I hope will be the first of many happy hour gatherings. There is no other agenda for this event but to spend time socializing with each other. No sales pitches, no presentations, no obligatory business card exchanges...just having some fun in each other's company. You'll have the chance to meet the proprietor of the Backyard Tap, Zedrick Brooks. He's created a lovely indoor/outdoor gathering place right in the heart of Loveland. He's interested in making it available for special events like parties, club meetings, classes, paint n' sip events and any other kind of gathering you might want to host. There will be drink specials and a food truck, and we'll have time to make the rounds to sit and chat while enjoying a beautiful space on a hopefully beautiful almost Fall evening. Please let me know you'll make it, and invite anyone you think might enjoy such a soiree. RSVP Her

The Reset: Art, Invention, and Creative Business with Jennifer Spencer

From a young age, Jennifer Spencer was encouraged to engage her creativity and to be culturally aware. Bringing her high achieving personality into the process of writing songs, creating plays, and a passion for fine arts gave her a strong foundation for the turns her life would take as an adult. She’s been successful in business, has patented and marketed her own inventions, and has defined for herself what an artist really is. You can learn more about Jennifer here: Her upcoming shows in the Summer of 2019 include: Driven to Abstraction July 10-20, 2019 Expressions Art Group July 24 - August 3, 2019 Both shows are at the Carnegie Center for Creativity, 200 Mathews, Fort Collins, CO 80524 Visit their calendar here:

Reset Podcast - Leaping Into the Art World with Lenina Olivas

A year ago, Lenina Olivas walked out of her teaching job with no clear idea of what she was going to do next. In the year that’s just passed she’s found an opportunity for oil painting to become a cornerstone of an entirely new direction, which includes being hired as an art gallery director and an invitation to participate in a local art studio tour. Enjoy her story! Lenina’s links: Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Lenina will be the featured artist at the Christmas Shops at Centerra in Loveland on December 6, 2018. Her work can also be seen at the Lincoln Gallery in Loveland, Colorado. If you’ve enjoyed The Reset Podcast, please subscribe through your favorite podcast listening app. For more information, please visit .

Making Your Own Way

Yesterday, My friend Jeff Finlin and I gave the pilot session of a new workshop called Making Your Own Way. In the last year my focus in coaching has largely become helping creative people to find direction, get things started and finished, and mostly to identify the real impact they are making with their work. Creative professionals frequently wonder to themselves and out loud just what the value of their work is. I know that's been a regular inner dialog for me. Some great discussions in yesterday's workshop helped to bring some clarity to the subject, and a comment in a message at church this morning also brought it home to me. Creative work matters for two huge reasons; it connects us on deeper levels and it feeds our soul. A big part of the workshop is about the distinction that I see between a person's gift and their talents. We talk about that often we lump the two into the same definition. I don't think that quite captures the essence of your gift. I've wr