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Franklin on Reinventing Nerds with Joanie Connell, PhD - Can We Be Friends With AI?

Thanks to my dear friend, Joanie Connell, Ph.D., for the invitation to a conversation about the AI tidal wave, the challenges and opportunities it brings, and the book I made. While the title might suggest an adversarial relationship, I hold out hope that our capabilities are about to expand in positive ways we've never dreamed of.  Reinventing Nerds has been a favorite podcast of mine since its launch, and I encourage you to listen, subscribe, share, and review! #ai #podcast #kdp #author #newbook #chatgpt  The book is HERE  

What Are We Really Working For? - Audrey Holst and Erica Holthausen

  As 2023 started, I invited Audrey Holst of Fortitude and Flow and Erica Holthausen from Catchline Communications to come back for a conversation on the topic of why we do the work we do and all the smaller questions attached to that. The chats we three enjoy are some of my favorites, and this one raised the bar even higher. We had much to talk about, including: ** What becomes possible when basics are taken care of? ** Redefining the rich life. ** What the gym can teach us about business. ** Stepping back from the production/consumption loop. ** Variable-Speed working Find Audrey at ⁠⁠ Find Erica at ⁠⁠ All three of us are active on LinkedIn, too. As always, thanks for listening, subscribing, reviewing, and sharing Your Own Best Company with Franklin Taggart! #podcast #career #solopreneur 

Franklin on Transcend your Dichotomy Podcast with Brooke Monaghan

  I was recently introduced to Brooke Monaghan by our mutual friend Audrey Holst. Upon meeting, I found Brooke to be a kindred soul in her outlook and unwillingness to settle for the status quo. We both decided we needed to interview each other, and I'm so glad we did. (Her interview on Your Own Best Company will be released next week!) In this episode of Brooke's podcast, Transcend Your Dichotomy, we had time to go deep with several topics. First, thanks to Brooke for giving me the space and time to share my story. Some of the other twists and turns we took: ** My skepticism and suspicion around the term 'thought leader" and those who would be quick to identify themselves as such. ** What it means to be a coach and to discover that calling in different ways. ** The power of working alone, not in isolation, but in solitude. ** My rapidly intensifying interest in AI and the impact it may likely have on the ways we work and live. You can listen to the episode on the plat

If You Host Zoom Meetings, You Need This Book!

  ** Watch, Listen, and Read a Sample Below ** The first online networking mixer I ever attended in 2021 had over 100 attendees. The hosts had to pay for the extra space and had inadvertently disabled the breakout room assignments when they did. As the event ground to a halt, the host apologized and then asked, "Is Robbie Samuels here?" From one of the many screens and rows of faces came the reply, "Yes, I'm here." With a couple of his brief suggestions, the problem was solved and the rest of the meeting went off without a hitch.  I spend around 90 percent of my working time in online meetings. From podcast interviews to coaching clients to group calls to summits and webinars -  not a day goes by when I wouldn't love to have Robbie's expertise in the room. Robbie's new book, B reak Out of Boredom: Low-Tech Solutions for Highly Engaging Zoom Events makes his expertise available to all of us, and it will raise the bar in every kind of online gathering

ChatGPT Plus KDP Equals Self Published Book in Six Days

  I've wanted to write and publish a book since I was a kid. I'm old now, so that's a long time to have a dream. I've started books many times in my life, but the determination and persistence to finish them have eluded me. I've had a lot of questions and concerns about AI. I know - I'm not alone. I've heard so many rumors, speculations, panic, and misinformation about all of it these past few months. Will it take jobs? Yes, it will. When? I don't know for sure. Some sooner, some later. Will our social structures and economy be able to weather the changes? Most likely not, at least from what we know now. But we'll know more later. That's how life works. Anyhow. I collected all my questions, thinking I'd write yet another book. Then I got discouraged at the amount of research I'd need to do to adequately answer the questions and decided to shelve the idea until three Sundays ago. I had the thought that I should put my questions into ChatGP

My Body Had Other Plans - Laura Livingston

  #Solopreneurs and #freelancers business success depend on their staying healthy. And we don't tend to plan for undesirable circumstances. We almost always plan according to ideal situations. And then the #calamities of life arrive. Then what? Laura Livingston is back to talk about her experience of business being interrupted by some unexpected physical challenges. Franklin has a few stories of his own in this area.  Here are some of the twists and turns in this conversation: ** Building and leveraging a team. ** Prioritizing self-care. ** Honoring the body and all your passions. ** Contingencies, priorities, and commitments. ** Making pivotal decisions and intentions. Laura can be reached at Franklin at Thanks for listening, subscribing, reviewing, and sharing Your Own Best Company with Franklin Taggart!