If You Host Zoom Meetings, You Need This Book!


** Watch, Listen, and Read a Sample Below **

The first online networking mixer I ever attended in 2021 had over 100 attendees. The hosts had to pay for the extra space and had inadvertently disabled the breakout room assignments when they did. As the event ground to a halt, the host apologized and then asked, "Is Robbie Samuels here?" From one of the many screens and rows of faces came the reply, "Yes, I'm here." With a couple of his brief suggestions, the problem was solved and the rest of the meeting went off without a hitch. 

I spend around 90 percent of my working time in online meetings. From podcast interviews to coaching clients to group calls to summits and webinars -  not a day goes by when I wouldn't love to have Robbie's expertise in the room. Robbie's new book, Break Out of Boredom: Low-Tech Solutions for Highly Engaging Zoom Events makes his expertise available to all of us, and it will raise the bar in every kind of online gathering we present. (The book was released today and is available at my associates link: https://amzn.to/3LkBkRh)

Some of the cool things I added to my list of Zoom skills from reading this book are:

** The Mirroring Technique - A way to make sure you're pointing in the right direction when you're drawing attention to a specific object or screen area.

** Making my screen sharing more interesting by using less text, larger text, and more images in my presentations.

** Situating my camera for optimal eye contact.

** Improving the safety and security of my events.

He includes a complete walkthrough of all Zoom settings in both free and paid versions, and there are some additional resources available as downloads, including pre-planning meeting checklists, speaker preparation ideas, printable engagement tools, and more.

Every time I've seen Robbie at work, I've admired his commitment to high quality and exceptional value. This resource is no different. The included tips, insights, checklists, and downloads will make it possible for your online meetings and events to be their most memorable, valuable, and impactful. I will have it within arms reach of my webcam from now on.

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