What Are We Really Working For? - Audrey Holst and Erica Holthausen


As 2023 started, I invited Audrey Holst of Fortitude and Flow and Erica Holthausen from Catchline Communications to come back for a conversation on the topic of why we do the work we do and all the smaller questions attached to that. The chats we three enjoy are some of my favorites, and this one raised the bar even higher. We had much to talk about, including:

** What becomes possible when basics are taken care of?

** Redefining the rich life.

** What the gym can teach us about business.

** Stepping back from the production/consumption loop.

** Variable-Speed working

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Find Erica at ⁠https://catchlinecommunications.com⁠

All three of us are active on LinkedIn, too.

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