Franklin on Transcend your Dichotomy Podcast with Brooke Monaghan


I was recently introduced to Brooke Monaghan by our mutual friend Audrey Holst. Upon meeting, I found Brooke to be a kindred soul in her outlook and unwillingness to settle for the status quo. We both decided we needed to interview each other, and I'm so glad we did. (Her interview on Your Own Best Company will be released next week!)

In this episode of Brooke's podcast, Transcend Your Dichotomy, we had time to go deep with several topics. First, thanks to Brooke for giving me the space and time to share my story. Some of the other twists and turns we took:

** My skepticism and suspicion around the term 'thought leader" and those who would be quick to identify themselves as such.

** What it means to be a coach and to discover that calling in different ways.

** The power of working alone, not in isolation, but in solitude.

** My rapidly intensifying interest in AI and the impact it may likely have on the ways we work and live.

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