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The Reset Podcast: A New Relationship Script with Tim Wade

Tim Wade’s life path has taken him from entertainment, to theme park attraction design, to writing for Hollywood heavyweights, to a new adventure - helping people transform their relationships. Offering workshops and retreats for men and couples, Tim shows his clients how a simple shift in understanding can change everything. Listen for the full story. More information about Tim and his programs is available at For information about Franklin Taggart and The Reset Podcast, please visit Recorded in December 2018.

The Reset Podcast - Wellness for the Whole Person with Marissa Orchard

In 2015, massage therapist Marissa Orchard found herself with a budding massage practice and an expansive facility that would ultimately become The Orchard - An Integrated Health Center. In these few years, The Orchard has grown to include a number of healing modalities and professionals. In this interview Marissa tells us the story of her discovery of traditional healing alternatives, and her vision for what has now become The Orchard. Remember that Himalayan Salt Cave sessions are on sale through the end of 2018. Over 30% OFF! More information about Marissa’s massage practice: More information about The Orchard: And The Orchard Wellness Podcast! More information about The Reset Podcast, and Franklin Taggart:

100 Ways

100 Ways is a brainstorming exercise that use for myself and with clients to help generate ideas beyond those that are obvious. I find brainstorming for a designated length of time distracting because I get concerned about time running out and I don't focus on generating ideas. 100 ways is simple. Set a specific goal at t eh top of the page, and then write down 100 ways to attain that goal, with no regard for how long it takes to get to 100. Want to find a way to make $5000? Write down 100 ways and you'll probably find more than one way you can attain that goal. Some of your ideas will surprise you. Here's a simple worksheet that you can use.