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Relearning How to Want

  If you've been taking care of others for a long time, it may take a while to reawaken and recognize your own desires. Pay attention to your body. Give yourself time to relearn how to use your want muscles. They haven't had a workout in a while. My friend was taking care of other people from the time she woke until the time she fell into bed. When I asked her if she knew what she wanted, she said that was the wrong question to ask. She was struggling with how to want. Developing new habits takes time, which goes for developing or relearning how we once did things, like acting on our desires instead of reacting to others. Start, and pay attention to physical cues. Your body will lead you, but you have been out of the listening practice. #emptynester #caregiver #selfhelp 

Franklin on the Access to Anyone Podcast with Michael Roderick

One of my favorite parts of being a podcast guest is experiencing how different hosts draw out different aspects of my story. I've been a fan of Michael Roderick's Access to Anyone podcast for over a year and was delighted to have him as a guest on Your Own Best Company. When Michael offered the chance for me to be his guest, I didn't hesitate. Michael is a generous host and thoughtful interviewer who gave me great questions to reflect on and plenty of room to respond. Thanks for taking some time to listen to our conversation. If you enjoy the show, subscribe to it on your favorite podcast host, and be sure to leave a review. That helps more people find the show. You can also listen right here: 

Bringing Local Businesses Together - Nick Armstrong

  Founded in FoCo is a three-day event for businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to large companies to non-profit organizations. It's a collaborative community effort that offers peer-to-peer education, inspiring speakers, networking, and more. This year's event is coming up at the Front Range Community College Harmony Campus in Fort Collins on March 1-3, 2023. If you're a business owner located within 100 miles or so of Larimer County, you're welcome to attend this free event. These kinds of events are familiar territory for today's guest on Your Own Best Company. Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing is the lead organizer of Founded in FoCo, and he's no stranger to locally focused collaborative events. As one of the founders of Fort Collins Comic Con, Nick has a history of initiating exciting and engaging community events that all serve a higher purpose of bringing people together, having fun, and supporting the causes and organizations that matter. In this epi

The Career Toolkit - Mark Herschberg

When did you learn important career-building skills like networking, finding mentors, interviewing, and finding great work opportunities? Most people didn't learn these skills in college or high school. We learned them when we had to - when we were searching for our first jobs or starting our first businesses. MIT alum and teacher Mark A. Herschberg saw this gap and decided to create a solution. His career success accelerator class teaches students the basic skills they need to navigate and prepare for building the careers they want. Recognizing a similar gap in the thousands of available career-oriented books, Herschberg wrote The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. (Available here: Associates Link) He is also the creator of the Brain Bump app - a context-sensitive content collection and dissemination tool that helps people organize the content they want at their fingertips and easily access and share it. From tracking crim