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Founded in FoCo is a three-day event for businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to large companies to non-profit organizations. It's a collaborative community effort that offers peer-to-peer education, inspiring speakers, networking, and more. This year's event is coming up at the Front Range Community College Harmony Campus in Fort Collins on March 1-3, 2023. If you're a business owner located within 100 miles or so of Larimer County, you're welcome to attend this free event.

These kinds of events are familiar territory for today's guest on Your Own Best Company. Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing is the lead organizer of Founded in FoCo, and he's no stranger to locally focused collaborative events. As one of the founders of Fort Collins Comic Con, Nick has a history of initiating exciting and engaging community events that all serve a higher purpose of bringing people together, having fun, and supporting the causes and organizations that matter.

In this episode, Nick gives us the inside story on:

** The rebranding of Fort Collins Startup Week to Founded in FoCo.

** Some of the features and excitement for this year's event, happening Mar.1-3 in Fort Collins.

** Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

** How Fort Collins ended up with a Comic Con of its own.

** How coming in second in a local election led to the formation of a hot sauce company.

** How he has benefitted personally and professionally from his commitments to his community.

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