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If you want to increase online visibility for your business, the universal advice is that you need to post videos. Everywhere, all the time, videos. Algorithms love videos, Kids love videos. Grandmas love videos. Videos, videos, videos!

I was a slow starter when it came to posting videos for my music and my businesses. I've had a YouTube channel for a long time and it sat for years while I worked up the nerve and figured out how to use my camera. A few years ago, I heard about a class called 31 Flavors of video. In that class, I learned about 31 different kinds of online video I could make, I joined a Facebook group where I got daily feedback. And I gained some amazing tools and resources that helped me make good decisions about equipment, production, scripting, and more.

In this episode, I'll introduce you to Lou Bortone, the creator of the 31 Flavors of Video, as well as programs like Fast Forward video mastermind, and the new podcast, Take the Connoli: The Godfather Podcast. Lou will take us on a trip from growing up in his dad's TV workplace in Boston to his industry experiences in Los Angeles,  his eventual return to the Northeast, and his reluctant entry into entrepreneurship. 

Lou considers himself a curator of content creation and production tools and resources. His emails, videos, and now podcasts are rich with helpful information, inspiration, and encouragement for video creators at all levels of experience.

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