Selling the Experience

You may have heard the old sales trope about people don't buy the drill; they buy the hole. I take that even further and suggest that people buy the enhancement to their life from the painting hung on the hook held by the screw in the wall that was put into the hole drilled by the drill.

For the creators I work with who struggle with their pricing, I like to say that your price isn't for the object; it's for the desired experience. People buy things because of the experience of life they desire. And often, they're inspired to buy when certain experiences are suggested.

When I learned this for myself, playing gigs became less an exchange of attention for money, and they became a more holistic offer - the music was a part of the enhanced experience of being together and enjoying an evening out. As I started to approach gigs that way, I started to make more money both in the pay for the gig and in tips. Tips skyrocketed.

This doesn't just apply in artistic circumstances. We buy products and services because we expect our quality of life to be improved by them. The course isn't bought for the pretty cover or for the number of lessons, but for the capabilities that will be gained and the possibilities that flow from them. 

When you're pricing what you make and preparing to sell it, remember the larger experience your work is a part of, and that's where you'll find the real value of what you do.

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