Alison Proffit - What's Your Next Step Masterclass Introduction

Followers of my podcast are already well acquainted with Alison Proffit. She's been a guest a couple of times, talking about soulful entrepreneurship and her January summit.

Alison will be one of the featured coaches at What's Your Next Step? A Choose Your Own Adventure Business Masterclass coming up this Thursday, August 25, at 10 AM Mountain Time.

Alison is a master coach when it comes to sales conversations. In the masterclass, she'll be leading a breakout session on the topic of conversion conversations. If sales is your top business priority, you won't want to miss it. Register at

The masterclass format is uniquely set up to deliver the highest value in a short amount of time. The first forty minutes will be spent helping you pinpoint the area of your business that needs your immediate focus. In the second half, you'll be paired with one of seven coaches specializing in the area you've identified as your priority.

It's free!

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