Expertise is Suspicious and Life Has Other Plans

A great gig tonight that may be my last, at least for a while. Gigs like this make me remember that music is worth it sometimes. Thanks for all your interest and support over the years - 43 years now.

I'm always questioning how and why things work or don't work. Business is a fine laboratory for such studies. It's a mystery how something will work beautifully once, and then the next time it will sink like a stone. Even with excellent systems in place, you can still get mixed results and not have a clue why.

For this reason, I find experts, expertise, and any combination of the two to be suspect. The best batters in the majors are lucky to average .300. This means that the most expert batters worldwide are successful less than a third of the time.

I love to learn about business and marketing, and it's been a lifelong study that I enjoy immensely. I've had a lot of business ventures, and most of them have ended as learning experiences more than successes. As Edison says, I found 10,000 ways that didn't work. I'm in another one of those times now. Trying the things that worked not long ago, and they're not working. 

This has happened so frequently that I recognize it as a part of a larger pattern. It seems similar to phenomena like evolution and adaptation. Evolution happens because the things that worked before don't work any more and we have to find new ways that work.

Like any other practice, those of business and marketing take patience, creativity, and persistence. You're not alone in your feeling about it all. All the feelings are allowed as you figure it all out - this time, and next time, and the next time after that.

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