The Willie Nelson Idea Test

I've had twenty ideas for what to talk about in this video, but when I push the record, I can't remember one. So here we are after 11 PM on a Sunday, and I have no idea what to say. What does this have to do with Willie Nelson?

I saw Willie on VH1 Storytellers a couple of decades ago and remember him talking about how he wrote the song Crazy. Yes, the one immortalized by Patsy Cline. While in the show he talked about driving to Austin from Nashville, other accounts that made it to Wikipedia said it was an hour commute between his home and the radio station where he worked in Houston in 1958. This is the oral tradition here, so don't take me literally.

In Storytellers, Willie came around to the idea of how he knew he had a good idea for a song. I'll talk about it in the Coffee Break, but it seems to me this information will be valuable to any content creator. How do you decide which ideas are good enough to make into something?

Willie's idea test is one I've used, and I find it pretty trustworthy. I'm glad I remembered it tonight after forgetting every other idea I've had all day.

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