How I Learned to Love Marketing (and Why I'd Like You to Attend Thursday's Workshop)

Thanks for the positive feedback and the interest in What's Your Next Step? A Choose your Own Adventure Business Masterclass coming up this Thursday, August 25th, at 10 AM Mountain Time. I've featured interviews with the other six coaches on the program for the past week, and I have been asked to share what I'll be focusing on in the breakout session I'll be leading.

When I was asked to identify the area I wanted to be my focus for the event, I came back to my favorite area of business - marketing. I've talked at length before about how much my views of marketing have changed. I used to loathe every minute I spent in marketing. It was difficult, exhausting, and not very fruitful.

In order to get better at it, I didn't have to start thinking positively about the activities I didn't enjoy. That never worked! But I had to start evaluating how I was bringing my business and my clients together and let go of the things that didn't work. As I started to do that, I started to enjoy marketing my services. Over the years, I've developed my own marketing system and style into something that I love doing. What was my least favorite part of my business has become my favorite.

In the class on Thursday, I plan on taking a quick poll at the beginning to identify the one area all participants want help with, and we'll work on that area. We'll all leave with a better understanding of what needs to happen most in our marketing.

The other coaches joining me for the Masterclass are:

  • LeAndra Foster of
  • Amanda Fuel or
  • Maryann Cruz of
  • Alison Proffit of
  • Mary Gaul of
  • and Karen Joy Fritz of

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