How Not to Work With a Creative

After getting ghosted on a copywriting job I was hired for by a colleague, I have some things to say about the professional treatment and attitudes you need when you work with creative contractors.

It shouldn't amaze me anymore to see just how little creative talents and professions are valued in the marketplace. Anyone who has ever mastered a craft seen as artistic or creative is not treated with the same level of professional respect as a janitor.

We're routinely asked to undervalue our work and accept prices that don't cover basic costs. We're asked to deliver perfection on the first try. We're asked to work under ridiculously short timelines. And then when the client doesn't apparently like what we're doing, they don't even give us the courtesy of a phone call?

Sorry to say that this doesn't speak well of their business practices, and it makes me wonder how they treat their clients. I'll be slow to refer anyone to these people; before this, I would have been quite willing.

I feel like I've been fighting these kinds of attitudes and behaviors for my entire adult life, and I don't see things improving. So if you want to hire me, here's what to expect.

Non-negotiable pricing. I know what my work is worth and won't be talked down.

A non-refundable deposit of at least half the agreed-upon price upfront.

Signed contract by both parties, understanding that creative services are an iterative process and to expect a perfect first draft is unrealistic.

If three rounds of iteration are completed, the entire invoice will be due.

Additional editing rounds after the initial agreed-upon number will be billed for in addition to the original amount.

Utmost professional treatment will be expected from both sides.

Friends and colleagues will be referred to higher-priced and more difficult creatives than me.

No ghosting. Put on your big person pants and communicate honestly.

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