The Power of Quizzes with Jessmyn Solana

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A couple of years ago, I was on The Solopreneur Society website, and there was an invitation to find out my brand archetype. All I had to do was take a short quiz that would tell me some important information about my personality and how it relates to branding my business. I took the quiz and was blown away by the insights I gained from the result. I had to know how Dre Beltrami had done this Voodoo.

She told me she used a quiz software called Interact. I looked it up immediately and subscribed right there. I had not seen anything like this - an interactive tool that piqued visitors' curiosity, delivered valuable information, and allowed me to be much more targeted with specific offers tailored to their needs. This was a marketer's dream!

Since then, I've made several quizzes for clients and helped other clients navigate their way through the process of creating their quizzes, and I've been repeatedly impressed with the results. I've become a rabid fan of Interact, both the product and the company, and today I'm delighted to introduce you to Jessmyn Solana, the Director of Digital Marketing for Interact, the facilitator of the Interact Quiz Collective - their online community for subscribers, and the host of their podcast, Creator Stories.

Even after being with Interact for five years, Jessmyn still has the enthusiasm for the product of a newcomer. In this interview, we learn many things:

** How she found her way to the company after a five-month employment hiatus.

** Recognizing the revolutionary potential of Interact quizzes.

** Going from working in a small office to a fully remote company.

** A short demonstration of how the quizzes work.

** Seeing innovative ways people are using quizzes in their businesses.

** The amazing contributions of quiz experts like Chanti Zak, Dawn Petrin, and Ashleigh Chanel to the Interact Quiz Collective and users of the software.

** The exceptional commitment to great customer service by the entire Interact staff.

To hear Jessmyn's podcast, go here:

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My Newest Course - Quiz Quick Start!

I have also just released a new online course for people building their first quiz called Quiz Quick Start. My course is designed to help you step-by-step through the process of planning and building your first quiz. It includes a detailed planning workbook that will help you:

** find your topic and title

** generate complete and balanced results

** create and arrange questions

** and assign result correlations to your answers

Once you've done the planner, all you have left to do is copy and paste, add images, and set up your promotions and distribution. This will shave a bunch of time off your learning curve and help you have a much more positive experience.

The course demonstrates how to build three different kinds of quizzes. You can choose the one that best suits your business purpose and has the most appeal to your customers.

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*** Disclaimer. I'm not an employee of Interact, and this course is something I've created only as a raving fan. It hasn't been authorized or endorsed by the company. I'm solely responsible for any mistakes and omissions.

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