Where to Find People to Help

I was referred to a coach early in my music career who had helped another musician friend of mine get her business started. When I hired her I found that most of the business things she was teaching were already things I knew, but the area where I really needed help was marketing.

The marketing advice she gave me was great for coaches but not so much for musicians. I ended up finding some people who were ahead of me in their musical success and learning from them how to do marketing. And as I learned, I became a resource for those who were getting started after me.

When my music career was disrupted and coaching became my main stream, the first people who sought my help were these musicians, the ones who were just getting started and had no clue. 

If you're trying to find people to help, look for those who are a step or two behind you in the path you're on and see if there is an opportunity there for you. You are uniquely qualified in both knowledge and experience to help them.

And if you're struggling to find people to help, is it possible you're looking in a place that is outside the realm you're qualified for? Are you trying to make the inch fit just because it's safe to assume they can afford what you offer? Maybe you need to rethink it.

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