Thought Leadership. with Audrey Holst and Erica Holthausen

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Thought Leader is one of the most popular marketing, business, and entrepreneurship buzzwords of recent years. In this episode, we pause to think about what it really means, learn the historical background of the term, and investigate how its use has changed.

We wonder out loud if a person can declare themselves a thought leader, identify people who may or may not be thought leaders, and shift into talking about how we can become better and deeper thinkers.

Audrey Holst is a coach, consultant, and the founder of Fortitude and Flow, which serves individuals and organizations who are challenged by the habit of perfectionism. Find her at or on LinkedIn at

Erica Holthausen teaches coaches, consultants, and other experts how to get their professional articles published by the publications their audiences read. Find Erica at or on LinkedIn at

Franklin Taggart is the Host of your Own Best Company, and he is a coach who teaches solopreneurs and freelancers how to get the most out of their marketing without breaking the bank.

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