LeAndra Foster - What's Your Next Step Masterclass - Introduction

 This week, I'll take a break from the regular Coffee Break programming to introduce you to each of the presenters at an online masterclass I'll be participating in next Thursday, August 25th.  The event is What's Your Next Step: A Choose Your Own Adventure Business Masterclass. It's a 90-minute class where you'll identify the area you need to work on most and then work with one of seven coaches on the area you've identified. 

The guest I'll introduce today is LeAndra Foster, a business and profitability coach. In the masterclass, she'll be talking about building your profit. Here she tells us about two common obstacles between small businesses and profitability.

Here are some more details about the masterclass. See you there!

If you've ever wished that your business came with an Owner's Manual, or recipe book,  or something with step-by-step instructions...

You've got to check out What's Your Next Step? https://bit.ly/NextStepMasterclass

It's a 90-minute Master Class on Thursday, August 25 at 10am MST (9 PST / 12 EST) with Northern Colorado's hottest business coaches (and 1 from Connecticut... because she was too good to pass up) that guides you to the very next step you need in your business. 

This is NOT one size fits all... because one size does NOT fit all. 

Actually,  it's a lot like the Choose Your Own Adventure books you probably read as a kid. 

In the first 40 minutes, you'll learn a simple system (that you can use until the day you retire) to always know exactly what your next step should be. 

... and you'll discover your next step right then. 

From there, you'll choose your expert guide, who will provide some immediate tips, tricks, and tools to get you started down that path right away. 

And if you realize you need more expert guidance on this trail (no one climbs MT. Everest without a sherpa), you can choose that adventure,  too!

What are the steps, you might ask? 
 - Marketing (with and without social media!)
 - Sales
 - Technology (for Personal Productivity)
 - Profitability
 - Systems and Processes (no bottlenecks!)
 - Outsourcing and Hiring

So in true Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style, here's your first adventure...

If you need one of those steps in your business, turn to this page

And if you don't, then delete this email and create your own adventure (but I guarantee ours will be much more fun!)

Here's to new adventures and discovering hidden treasures!

PS - All adventures happen in the moment,  which means no replays.  Join us live for this one-time adventure! https://bit.ly/NextStepMasterclass