Defanging the Marketing Monster

I have a special empathy for people intimidated and even terrified by marketing. I've been there, and I know how big, overwhelming, and scary it can feel, especially for new business owners who know how much is riding on it.

In this Coffee Break, I gained a few insights from observing a couple of different people in the music world. One felt they had to be marketing constantly, showing up everywhere, all the time. Interestingly, the results weren't any better than the next person, who spent most of their time nurturing her relationships with existing fans and equipping them to bring more people into her audience. 

The second person described above consistently had full rooms and happy fans. The first one spent most of her time finding new people to invite and didn't have the consistency that the second did.

Another thing I observed was that a few musicians in my circle were masters at creating memorable and valuable experiences with their fans. These were the ones who showed up early for the gig so that they could invite fans to a pre-show dinner or cocktail hour, or they planned after parties for when the show was over. They found special ways to recognize fans who were always showing up, and they always delivered performances geared towards improving their audience's day.

There's more to hear in the Coffee Break, but I want to encourage people struggling with knowing where to start and what to do to market their businesses more effectively. I'd love to help you find some creative ways that will be fun for you and won't break the bank. Just get in touch!

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