Maryann Cruz - What's Your Next Step Masterclass Introduction

The last coach in this series of introductions is Maryann Cruz. Maryann is a Connecticut-based business strategist, coach, and consultant who helps creatives build and grow the business side of their careers. In What's Your Next Step, Maryann will be leading a breakout session on the topic of when to automate, delegate, or outsource business tasks, so you have more time for the aspects of your business and work that you're best suited for.

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What's Your Next Step? A Choose Your Own Adventure Business Masterclass will be happening this Thursday, August 25, 2022, at 10 AM Mountain Time. The first half of the 90-minute event will pinpoint the area of your business you need to concentrate on right now. The second half will be spent in a breakout session with one of seven coaches specializing in the area you've identified as your priority.

You don't have to set aside there to five days to attend this event, and you don't have to go sorting through bio after bio to find the speaker you need to hear. This will be a highly targeted, information-filled session that will make the right difference right away.

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See you there!

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