Getting a Job Isn't Failing at Business

Sometimes solopreneurs find job opportunities appealing enough to take some of their time and energy away from their businesses in favor of the job. Recently, I had a person ask if taking a job meant that they weren't committed enough to their business and should close it down.

My answer has more questions than resolutions. I want to know more. Are they ready to be done with their business? Do they need the steady income and regular structure the job provides? Have they been considering closing their business? Do they need to hire help or add partners? Unless you want one, there isn't a straightforward yes or no answer to this. Then my answer is yes.

I also want to highlight that every business has a lifecycle; sometimes you reach the end and have decisions to make. Does the business model need to change? Is there another value that can be developed for the market you serve? Again, no direct or easy answers.

I have more to say in the Coffee Break, but I also want to add that there are a few companies which I would drop everything to work for, and I wouldn't hesitate to slow or stop my business to take a job with one of them. I would be crazy to at least not consider them, even after all the years I've dedicated to this business. You haven't failed if another company wants to hire you.

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