If You're Worried About Money

Don't make making money harder than it has to be. There are opportunities all around you. If your fancy automated marketing funnel isn't working yet and you need cash, find someone to help and charge them for it.

Know how to design a logo? Visit some websites until you find someone who needs a logo, and then be bold about telling them they need to hire you.

Do you know how to make an animated intro for a video? Find someone on YouTube who doesn't have one yet, and tell them you'll make one for them today for $250.

Know someone on your block whose yard needs to be raked? Knock on the door, remind them about the HOA rules, and tell them you'll have it done by lunchtime.

If you need money, stop waiting for it to find you, and go out and help someone, then charge them for it. Don't make it any more difficult than that. 

You have time to tweak your funnel until it's humming like an Indy car, but don't allow desperation to screw everything up for you.

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