Karen Joy Fritz - What's Your Next Step Masterclass Introduction

I'm taking a few days away from the regular Coffee Break schedule to tell you about a masterclass I'm participating in next week and to introduce you to the other coaches I'll be working with on the event. Today, I'll introduce Karen Joy Fritz, who helps business owners find the right tech solutions that help them deliver their best service. You can learn more about Karen at https://karenjoyfritz.com.

Here's more information and an enrollment link for the masterclass. I hope to see you there! https://bit.ly/NextStepMasterclass

Cut through the Marketing Overwhelm NOW

It used to be so simple… 

You’d realize there was a problem, do a little online research, and then BAM, you’d choose a solution. 

Simple. Easy. CLEAR.

But nowadays, I get targeted ads for problems I don’t even know if I have yet!

Do I have that problem? 

Am I ready for that yet?

Do I need that now? Later? Someday? Never?

This is Marketing Overwhelm. 

And it impacts 100% of business owners, because no one gave us the Owner’s Manual to our own businesses… until now. 

Now it’s time to cut through all the noise and the chaos of the next shiny object syndrome, and finally acquire the Roadmap to a successful business. This clarifying outline will show you: 

The 5 levels of Business Success - and where you’re at right NOW

What is absolutely necessary (not just nice-to-have) to build to the next level

What you DON’T need to focus on right NOW

And so much more

In this free masterclass, we want to show you how to be your own business guru, and always know where you are at, so you know what help you’re looking for NOW, Later, and Never!

Man, I just love when things take themselves off my to-do list ;)

This masterclass could be a game-changer for you and your Confidence and Clarity in business for years to come - but because of our interactive delivery style, we can’t offer replays. 

Be there LIVE: Aug 25th, 10am Mountain - it’s free, but you need to register here https://bit.ly/NextStepMasterclass.

If you’ve already registered, thank you so much! The response has been great so far, but we want to make sure this reaches everyone who can benefit. 

Register here https://bit.ly/NextStepMasterclass, and forward this email to a friend who would love to torch the Overwhelm and get Clear & Confident on their own next step too! One size/one solution does NOT fit all in business either.