Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Or rather, don't pay attention to my ten-year-old blog site, last-minute copy on my sales page, and disdainful approach to social media. 

For my clients, the work is easier. I can see it objectively, find the gaps, fill them in, and we're golden. They get great results, and we're all happy.

Behind the curtain, a guy throws spaghetti on the wall, lets it all fall to the floor, and doesn't clean up after himself. It's all too much!

Yet another shoemaker whose family has no shoes, here I am, and my marketing is a pile of steamy. But my clients are rocking!

I'm lucky to have customers who are so happy with what we've accomplished that they send people to me directly. Otherwise, I'd have no business based on my own marketing.

Part of it is that I'm too close to it to be objective. Second of all, I'm not depending on the website or social media activity for business right now. And finally, there are so many other ways I'd rather spend my time than tweaking design and copy that most of my ideal customers won't find anyway because my SEO is as rotten as my other work.

All that said - my clients keep coming back because the results are what matter, and I'd rather spend my time making people happy than keeping my website up-to-date. 

There, I said it :)

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